Steroids Pharmacy - aka SCAM!

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Not resolved aka SCAM! is a scam! fraud promoting scammers! scammed me and when I complained on that have their banner they deleted my thread and banned me. got me for 1376 $. When I complained on isteroids my complaint was deleted and I was banned from further posting. is a site run by the same bunch of scamming scammers. They have literaly thousands of fraud sites and when one gets to be known as a scam they just take it down and promote one of other 1000 sites they have. and steroids-pharmacy and and are all one and the same eurotrash scam. Spread the word about them so no one else gets robbed.

Review about: Anabolics.



Can you give me David Guiges adress heading there this summer


axio labs was the *** but busted along with china raw powder roids. and for all the jack *** that down steriods your a pu..y we're all men it's our right as americans to do what we want in our bodies..............


THIS IS *** THEY SEND THEIR PRODUCTS I even sent to wrong adress and still got the product the rest of you are liars just trying to smear a good company.


mann youll been having serious problems with these companies, so thanks for the advice, cause I was gon order sum, sound like you'll need to do better researching before your order, and yes they do need to ban this fraud if it really is a fraud, you'll mean to tell me no one got a feedback from these companies, mannn good luck on your next purchase


The people you mentioned below, want you to post nasty comments and create websites about them,the google algrethem doesn't know the difference between positive comments and negative and there for moves the company up the goggle search index for new consumers to find


Can anyone verify what Don said about sterpharm? I cant find anything on it when i searched. no reviews or anything


I ordered from Steroid Pharmacy.They said it was shipped.

I received 3 shipments that were "apparently" seized by customs. The packages showed no signs, however, of being forcibly opened by customs.

I'm beginning to wonder if the seizure letters were real.Is there a way to check?


I have had no problems with a few orders now and always on time.


Hey boosted creations, you ever done steroids or have any idea what your talking about? Working out on steroids is like stepping out of your gutless 4 cyl car and jumping into a f***ing Ferrari!Not to mention roid rage is an over rated side effect that only few get. ***


Hey guys, I'm totally with you on this ISTEROIDS IS A FULL ON ****ING


If you are even considering ordering anything off there, you are going to lose your money! Sorry it's the truth! I sent money through western union, got a reply saying it was shipped and would arrive in a max of 30 days. It's now been over 2 months and nothing has arrived! The best part was, when I went on their forum that hacks all the other so called scammers and politely asked what was going on (with copies of my e-mails sent and received) they banned me instantly!!! Someone is going to find you david, it's only a matter of time you *** ***!!


I placed an order with for $307.00.Put the money through Western Union for David Guiges.

Recieved confirmation the next morning that he picked it up. I then simply asked if they had shipped me my products and never recieved a reply. I asked over 10 times via email and on their website which claims they'll get back to you in 24 hrs and explained that I would be forced to post negative comments and produce a website to explain that their site is a scam if I did not hear back from them. It has now been two weekssince my first email after purchase and I finally recieved an email back from today.

I will They did not state whether they had sent anything.

Simply that I need to read their Terms of Sale again and that they are not responsible.I'm hoping it's not a scam...


anyone buying steroids or anything that is supposed to have properties like steroids is a ***! no wonder you got taken!

dumb meat heads...


im confused as *** idk where or what to buy anymore


the previous post was about and, they both are owned by david g guy and they are indeed scams and when I complained they tried to tell me they were gonna come half way around the world to kill me. They threatened my life and they don't even know me.


They threatened me with my life in an email saying that they were not a scam and that they were notifying the authorities about me. They are a bunch of *** *** prics. Just stealing peoples money.


steroids pharmacy is a scam I challenge someone to call me and tell me they are not, and if you think they are not place a large order.

here's what I think maybe they push through some small orders but mine was small and they chose to lose the business, they scammed me, it was never sent. I filed a report on ripped off report website. *** you liars that say it isn't a scam there is one company that has always come through has PPC in the name, that's all I'll say.


It's true they did the same to me.. The got me for about $700

#130680 is everything but a scam !

I am regularly purchasing gear with them and never got a problem (in over 2 years) !

You must be a competitor lying about other's business to promote yours ... pathetic


I read that was described as a scam!? The guy that said that is obviously a competitor because I have been ordering on this site almost 2 years without problems !

Really pityful to post lies about others to promote your own business !

By the way, i also recommend


i got scammed $250 from, do not order from them they scamm everybody.*** bastards.

the guys name is david guiges and he lives in thialand, me and some buddies are going to find him this summer we already know where he is.

will be seeing you soon david.:)


i placed an order with and had no problem.


They're not part of any of these companies.They delete all threads whether it's praising one of their advertisers or bagging on them.

Their rules state that it's not allowed. I don't know why you call out isteroids just because a company advertises there.

Millions are happy and you weren't or do you work for a competitor?Hmmmm


just use permadrol is legit im deployed in iraq and the get to me still


made eight orders from advanced stealth and only two got siezed i thinking your smoking tools or bad luck on that order


post number 4

get a *** out of here you piece of ***...I got scammed big box. they are not legit, and you probably work for them...cracker...


got scammed big time....I ordered sustanon 25o and received chinese spices..mother ***!!!


yes i remember that i ordered from steroids-pharmacy and when they scamed me i posted it on (because they support them) They banned me and the reason was "Scammer"

WOW...what a *** up deal.

Stay away from any banner Isteroids promotes

#58033 is a scam too. Genxxlgear is GREAT and legit, use them.


i never got scamed...! i have been ordering for 4 years and never had a problem. you probibly *** your self and cant buy anymore so your *** it up for everyone else..


I got scammed from also. Luckily I only placed a small $300 order to test it out first. They had me western union the money to the Phillipines.


Stay away from three orders sent with fake customs seizure letters. You will not get the goods just fake seizure letter like that is supposed to somehow make you feel good


did the scam send you into a...ROID RAGE!!!


no seriously, whats wrong with just working out?

must b insecure or sumtin

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hi, ive been scammed aswell, are there any legitimate dealers

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